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Probest Water Analyzer Probe Sensor

Probest is a professional company producing water analysis instruments, including portable water analyzer, multi-parameter water quality analyzer, DO sensor, turbidity sensor, UVCOD sensor ect. The product can be applied to the fields of water quality monitoring of drinking water, waste water, surface water, aquaculture water, industrial process water, etc.

Download attached catalogue for more information.

Available sensor models

  1. PPH-500A Digital pH sensor

  2. PEC-500A Digital Conductivity Sensor

  3. PFDO-800 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

  4. PFDO-700 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

  5. PDCL-400A Digital Residual Chlorine Sensor

  6. PSS-800 SS(Sludge Concentration Sensor

  7. 6 PTU-800 Turbidity Sensor

  8. PLTU-700 Low-Range Turbidity Sensor

  9. PCH-800A Chlorophyll Sensor

  10. PBA-800 Blue-Green Algae Sensor

  11. PDS-300 Transparency Sensor

  12. MP301 Multi-Parameter Analyzer.

  13. PUVNO3-900 Spectrometer Nitrate Sensor

  14. PINH3-900 Ammonia Nitrogen sensor

  15. PUVCOD-900 Spectrometer Organic Sensor

PROBEST RS485 Digital Water Probe Brochure 202110
Download PDF • 889KB



Sales Supervisor

Fuzhou Probest Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. - A reliable partner!

Address: No.170, Jinyan Road, Jinshan Investment Zone, Fuzhou, Fujian, China 350007

P: 86-591-8322 6312 / 83226813

M(WhatsApp/Wechat): 86-13950412146

S: zhongweihua



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